Intercultural Center for Human Sexuality & Family Life

Structure & Functions of the Center


  • Educational unit for developing intervention programs

  • Research unit

  • Conference and workshop center

  • Library and computer information

  • Referral center for advice and treatment

  • Museum

An Educational Center for developing new programs in interpersonal communication. Subjects concerning the couple, sexuality and family life,in cooperation with a multicultural target audience,will be adapted to special needs

Research unit for preparing grant proposals and conducting interdisciplinary and multicultural research.

A conference and workshop center for lectures and conferences to multicultural audiences on sexuality, couples and family life.

Guest rooms for “think tanks” and meetings of the professional staff and participators in workshops

The aim of these meetings is to strengthen ties between different cultural groups and to foster relations based on respect, esteem and tolerance.

The library will contain current and archive material, educational programs and audio-visual aids in different languages. This material is for the use of therapists, researchers, students and professionals dealing in the subject of sexuality, couples and family life.

Visitors will receive guidance in adapting the material to their culture and needs, and be able to borrow all materials.

Referral Center for Advice and Treatment for workshops of professionals and therapists dealing with varied populations. These workshops will be adapted to the target audience according to profession, age and cultural background.

Thus the community and the individual will be equipped with tools to deal with sexuality and the prevention of sexual harassment.

Communal counseling

An “Open Line” for anonymous phone counseling

An “Open Door” for accessible counseling to center visitors

An Intercultural Museum for Sexuality and Family Life built according to historic, scientific and artistic concepts. The museum will be classified according to concepts of family and sexuality in different cultures over hundreds of years. Visual texts and artistic presentations will be exhibited. The halls will be designed to have open areas for study and group discussion.


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