Intercultural Centre for Human Sexuality & Family Life

About Our Center

Our Goals:

  • Establishing a meeting place for conferences and workshops with a museum, a library and a research unit

  • Integrating immigrant and minority communities into Israeli society by strengthening the family unit while preserving its ethnic and communal identity

  • Fostering personal, couple, familial and societal communication on intimate issues in a multicultural society

  • Reducing violence in sex, couple and family life


The Unique Character of the Center

The center aspires to:

¤ Foster the significance of Family, Sexuality, and interpersonal communication,

¤ Create free and unburdened dialogue, in order to prevent conflict and to enhance sensitivity the personal and cultural background of all men, women and children

¤ Act as a meeting place for all bodies dealing with sexuality and interpersonal communication within the family, and in education, welfare, health and absorption

¤ Pool the wealth of information from different resources



The center recognizes and holds in great respect all associations, services and institutions who deal with sexuality and family life.

We aspire to pool all resources engaged in the subject and encourage our visitors to refer to those services suited to their needs.

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