Intercultural Center for Human Sexuality & Family Life

The Intercultural Center for Human Sexuality and Family Life is an organization for the promotion of tolerance in the family, in relationships and in matters of sexuality between different Israeli populations and for the improvement of the social climate in Israel.

The Intercultural Center is dedicated to bringing people from different cultures to a meeting place for diverse solutions to common needs. It enables the creation of a social fabric which offers a suitable answer to different people.

Our dream is to promote tolerance between different ethnic groups in Israel in issues of the family, the couple and sexuality, to improve the social climate in Israel.

Daily multicultural encounters emphasize differing world concepts that aggravate conflict in society and also in the family, primarily in sensitive issues such as marriage, couples and sexuality. A family that succeeds in dealing with hardship and distress within the framework of parenting, family life and role definition, succeeds in integrating into all spheres of society.


Read the commentary by Paul Goldman of BBC WORLDNEWS about the book edited by heads of the Intercultural Center for Human Sexuality & Family Life, Ella Bar-Gai and Nitay Melamed, here

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