Intercultural Center for Human Sexuality & Family Life

 Present Activities


¤ Workshops for Teenagers on:


       “Couple Communication Toward Birth Control Use”

       “Recognizing signs of violence in sexual relations for its prevention”.

¤ Courses for single-parent families

¤ Study days for volunteers on the project Improving the Health of Elderly Women in the Community”

¤ Training for caregivers on “Intimacy over the Life Cycle”

¤ Workshop for Ethiopian Volunteers in family-violence prevention

¤ Nationwide Conference in cooperation with Bar Ilan University with representatives of the various ethnic groups in Israel

        “Sexuality and Family Life”

¤ Introductory lectures on ”Sexuality and Family Life” at courses of the Ministry of Welfare

¤ Organizational counseling to a religious community whose children suffered from sexual abuse


¤ The building of an excellent staff varied in its professions and functions

¤ A basic collection of library and information center materials and a place to store them

¤ Fundraising through an annual minimal donation

¤ Cooperation with the Bar Ilan University in campaigning, conferences and courses

¤ The support of the Regional Council center, which has allotted a plot of land for the center's campus.


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